27 April 2007

(STYLE) Makes the World Go Round

If you’re a people-watcher (like me), I’ve got blog for you…. The Sartorialist, a blog that watches the fashionable citizens of the world and records them, is my latest (nearly obsessive) indulgence.

Scott Schuman, a NYC dad of two girls and former fashion-showroom owner, captures the essence of street-chic in his spontaneous photographs of unsuspecting stylish subjects. Whether he’s on assignment in Milan (which is quite frequently), Germany (his current stop), or Sweden, he’s documenting the world’s fashionable purveryors of style and class. It’s addictive with his frequent and often multiple daily postings, some with commentary and some let the pictures do the talking.

Pictured here is one of my favorite subjects he’s captured with his lens in Milan, and underneath her picture, Schuman simply scribes, “Really, just the best.” I’d have to agree. Check out his blog, and people watch halfway across the word. Who really believes that “curiosity killed the cat” anyways? I sure don’t….

- Lauren

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