11 April 2007

Wanted: Descriptive Dads!

We’re hard at work on our June, Father’s Day issue and in honor of this testosterone-filled month, we’re changing the focus of our regular department Real Moms to highlight all the great things about Real Dads.

One of the most-read sections of our magazine is Mommy Diaries (which is tucked inside Real Moms), but for June, we’re looking for a local dad’s perspective. What time does his day start, his night end and what happens in between? What obstacles does he overcome in the course of one family-friendly (read: kid-crazed) day?

Dads, we want a behind-the-scenes, all-access pass to a day in your world! (Moms, have a husband you can prod - ok, bribe, lol - into jotting down the ins and outs of his day?)Interested? Choose a typical day in your life and chronicle all the highs (and lows and daily to-dos), broken down by time increments (needs to be between 750-1,000 words) and e-mail it to us at editorial@dallaschild.com. Please include a hi-res photo of you with your family that we can run alongside your diary.

For possible consideration (we’ll choose one dad from the Dallas area and one from the Fort Worth area) we need to receive your submission by Friday, April 20.

Get writing, Dads, we can’t wait to highlight your life!


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