19 April 2007

Thanks, Al.

I’ll admit it: I never thought Earth Day was a big deal. At all. But that was before Mr. Gore’s Inconvenient Truth led me to two conclusions:

•I’m using heaps more energy than I need. Sylvania’s 23-watt fluorescent Energy Star light bulbs use 2/3 less energy, last forever, and lower my electric bill.
•Why doesn’t anyone talk about the hole in the ozone anymore? It’s kind of a big deal in Australia, where there is the highest rate of skin cancer of anywhere in the world.

Now, I’m paying a little more attention. That said, the City of Dallas is hosting a big celebration tomorrow in Pegasus Plaza with EarthFest 2007. This event attracts thousands every year and promises lots of exhibits, interactive activities and games, entertainment and even a fashion show. I would go, if only to see what garments can be made from recycled products. Event starts at 10am.


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