10 April 2007

In the 2-1-2

We usually keep our blog banter local, but sometimes, a girl needs to get away. And what better place than New York City with old friends? It’s no surprise, really, but a city like New York really does have something for everyone, whether it’s a weekend with the kids, without the kids, or just with girlfriends. Here are my top five (and then some) to keep in mind for your next jaunt:

1.) Nolita: Café Habana. Cuban/Mexican takeaway spot. Corn-on-the-cob with chili powder, cheese and butter. Need I say more?
2.) West Village: Magnolia Bakery. Brave the lines for the cupcakes made famous by Sex and the City (pictured), or try one of the smaller bakeries nearby for other phenomenal treats.
Marc by Marc Jacobs. Three store fronts on Bleeker Street. One sells cute MJ trinkets ($1 and up!), and the others offer men’s, women’s and the adorable kids line, “Little Marc.” Does the “Marc Who?” shirt come in my size?
3.) Times Square: If you’re not blinded by the lights, look for the guy in the Spiderman suit. He might be the new Naked Cowboy.
Toys’R’Us: Just inside the doors is an enormous indoor ferris wheel. Extra points if you make it further than that!
4.) 5th Avenue: Really, what’s not to love here? Apple’s flagship store is particularly stunning with its 32-foot glass cube entrance at street level.
5.) Meatpacking District: Vento. This narrow wedge of a building sits at 14th & Hudson and specializes in small plates. Size isn’t an issue though, because everything is delicious. The patient wait staff knows it can take hours to decide, but don’t think too hard. Just order it all.


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