01 September 2009

Park It!

Don't get out much anymore? (The grocery store doesn't count, ladies.) Don't worry - we can sympathize...and hopefully help. Let us introduce you to what just might be all the reason you need to call a baby sitter - brought to you compliments of Restaurateur Donald Chick. Park - his new, causally hip eatery in the lower Henderson neighborhood brings you an indoor/outdoor, fashionably laid-back scene where you can enjoy chef Marc Cassel's array of eclectic yet classic recipes. All the babysitters in Dallas booked? Now we know in your more care-free (child-less) days you'd make reservations for 9pm - but if you're dining with the kiddos, try much earlier, like 6pm. Any later than that and you'll be dining with all those young adult kiddos...

Park Restaurant & Bar
1921 Henderson Avenue | Dallas, Texas 75206 | 214.824.3343


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