10 September 2009

A Slippery Soap

On a recent long weekend in Austin, I discovered what is now one of my favorite travel companions at the Hotel San Jose (btw - an absolute must stay at while in Austin...even with kids, which we saw running around outside in the gardens). Dr. Bronner's Magic Liquid Soap was sitting on a long narrow shelf above the bathroom sink when I peeked in. Not knowing anything about it, I was curious as to what made this soap so magical. I tried it, loved it and never want to be without it. When talking to a future Nesting mom while on the shoot at her home, she gushed over it saying that she loves putting a few drops in her kitchen sink disposal to send the fresh scent throughout the kitchen. But one of the best things about this magical soap? It's fair-trade and organic. You're not putting anything on your skin (or you child's) that's undesirable. Face, body, hands or even sink disposal - no matter what you use it for...you'll get hooked.

Available locally at area Sprouts and Vitamin Shoppes

- Lauren

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