22 September 2009

Good, Clean Fun!

Playing with your kids is good fun for Mom. But for those moments when you just don't think you (or your cute new outfit) will ever recover from mud pies in the back yard - Gymboree Play & Music comes to your rescue!

Gymboree, the pioneer of parent-child directed developmental programs, brings you a brand new location in North Dallas with free open houses on September 24, 26, 28, 29 and 30! Bring the little ones and come experience an environment where kids can feel confident to touch, explore, play and have fun - all the while developing physical, intellectual and social skills! Choose from music classes where children and parents can learn about rythm, beat, tempo and melody through singing and playing instruments, or opt for an art class - where you'll paint, draw, sculpt and discover a world of hands on learning! Activities are designed for parental participation, something Gymboree considers essential. Their motto? Children learn best when parents enter their world of play and imagination.

So breath a deep sigh of relief, Mom and put that cute outfit back on. Getting involved in Junior's playtime can be lots of fun...and mud free!

Call 214.363.8585 to make a reservation for age specific open houses.

Gymboree Play & Music
11700 Preston Rd. #612
Dallas, Texas 75230


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