16 September 2009

Sugary Prediction!

For all you expectant mothers out there who have yet to find out whether you'll be having a girl or a boy - Sprinkles might be trying to tell you something!

Much to our pleasant surprise, this special delivery arrived at our office this morning, compliments of one of our favorite cupcake shops, Sprinkles! A. There is not so much as a peep around here - I suspect our mouths are full. B. This might be the best breakfast I've had - ever. C. You can custom order cupcakes just like these and send them to our office too!! Just kidding. But you can order them for that upcoming baby shower, birthday party or soiree you're hosting! We highly recommend them. We'd tell you ourselves but our mouths are full.

Sprinkles Cupcakes . Plaza at Preston Center . 4020 Villanova Drive . 214 369 0004


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