10 September 2009

Spa(aaaaaah) Week!

We realize that Mother's Day is quite a long ways off. But why wait till May to feel like the fabulous mom you are? We don't know either - there's simply no reason. In honor of our not-honored-nearly-enough mamas out there, we'd like to point you in the direction of indulgence. Spa Week is coming to Dallas-Fort Worth Oct. 12-18, with specials at spas across North Texas. With $50 signature services, you can pamper yourself without spending a fortune! And for all you practical moms - enjoying the "spa lifestyle" has more perks than just pleasure. The therapeutic health benefits are many and include lowering stress levels and increasing balance and peace of mind, which is good for you and your family. It's like that little birdie once told us, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

Are you ready for some much-needed mommy pampering? Visit www.spaweek.com Monday, Sept. 14, to see a list of participating spas and services.

Cat out of the bag ALERT: We've got Spa Week giveaways coming! Stay tuned for details on how to win!!


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