20 September 2006

Future Plans ...

This past month on Clomid was one of the most emotionally challenging periods in my nearly three-year-long fight with infertility.

Not only were my emotions on overload (sorry honey), but my mind was consumed with the business of making a baby:

  • Take Clomid (and forewarn anyone in your path that you are, in fact, taking hormone-affecting meds and caution is advised)
  • Pop prenatal vitamin that rivals the size of a human head
  • Wear too-tight OV-Watch that makes wrist sweat
  • Potty on ovulation-determination sticks (does anyone else have issues finding the stream the first time out? Lol!)
  • On the “O” zone (ovulation) days, “do the laundry”
  • Post-laundry, hitch hips toward the sky on a mammoth “pregnancy” pillow for 20-30 minutes
  • Get blood work done to determine if you really did ovulate or if the stick l-i-e-d
  • Wait … wait … and wait some more for the end of the cycle, which will either bring about joyous, beautiful, life-changing news or another month of “fun.”

Despite having to constantly be aware of what day it was in my cycle and what my body was (or wasn’t) doing, knowing my husby, Chris, and I were taking that “next step” toward becoming Mom and Dad made it all worthwhile. (And, come on, of course I have to admit there is some fun to be had during the whole baby making process, lol!) All this said and done, I’ve decided to detail my adventures in “wanna-be-mommyhood” in our October issue, on stands the first of next month. This is a story you won’t want to miss as I learned a huge life lesson in between my steps (and stumbles) as “infertile myrtle.”

much love~

p.s. The family photo above was shot for the October article by our PR/Marketing guru, Ashley, who is also a fantabulous photographer. Kudos Ash for your awesome talent and for actually getting Maxie to look your direction! =)

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Lindsay said...

You guys are too cute!
I can NOT wait to read about your adventures!
Take care!