06 September 2006


I am officially in the “O” zone (read: this AM’s “stick” said I’m ovulating). I couldn’t be more excited … well, if the “stick” says I’m preggars next month then of course this excitement will be eclipsed by impending mommyhood, but for now, after surviving my first roller-coaster cycle of Clomid (and almost three years of not ovulating), this is, in a word, thrilling! YEE-HA!

Other exciting news? I am constantly and consistently in touch with local moms who are absolutely amazing and have great things to share with the magazine and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to get this inside look at motherhood. Take for instance Lindsay Kwait, a young woman I met through a mutual friend who traded in her interior-design dreams to be a stay-at-home mommy to her 6-month-old son, Travis. She’s one of those totally plugged in people that we all aspire to be: she blogs constantly and what she posts is awesome. I check in periodically and am always impressed with what she shares – like the video she posted of Travis’ first solid-cereal experience – she didn’t want her mom (who lives out of town) to miss seeing it (aww, too sweet). Be sure to grab the Fall/Winter issue of babydallas out next month to see what Lindsay has to say about all the things she’s wish she’d known pre-baby.

And then there’s Tiffany Cotney, a breast-cancer survivor I’m profiling in our October “Mom Next Door” department. She is fabulous! I spoke with her for over an hour today about her experiences in beating breast cancer and she is inspiring. She has twin 2 year olds (precious!) and we talked about how the past year (she was diagnosed in Aug., 2005) impacted her as a parent and as a woman. You just have to read her story – her spirit, her upbeat (read: bubbly and full of laughter) personality and zest for life is contagious.

My fingers are crossed that I’ll soon be able to join the ranks of these fabulous moms.

much love~

P.S. The sign I'm holding in the photo says "MOMS ROCK!"


Lindsay said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good luck with the baby makin' heeheehee!
Thanks for the shout out!
I can NOT wait to read about Tiffany, what a brave woman!!

Sugar Photography said...

oooh-good luck Tessa!!! fingers crossed for you this month!