13 September 2006

Little Darlings

I must tell everyone how excited I am about our upcoming cover girls, Iris (DallasChild) and Briauna (FortWorthChild). Both are spunky 4-year-olds with more enthusiasm and charisma than we could have ever hoped for! They were such fabulous first-time models, you would have thought they came straight from America’s Next Top Model. Here are a few of the outtakes of the girls having fun at the shoot yesterday.
I found our girls’ precious Sister Sam outfits at KidBiz at Preston Center, in Dallas – a store that has been around so long that I remember shopping there with my mom and grandmother as a young girl myself. If you haven’t stopped in lately, I would suggest doing so.
Also, a huge thanks goes to our photographer Jennifer Weintraub of Sugar Photography. She really knows how to work kids (experience gained from being a mom of two little ones) to get the absolute best pictures, especially from our Iris and Briauna. Check out The Sweet Life to see what she has to say about our shoot. I can’t wait for yall to see our latest crop of beautiful darlings on stands Oct. 1!


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