12 September 2006

Tessa Anne Marie!

No, that's not her "real" middle name. But we both insert "Anne Marie" after each other's first names when we want to make a point (kind of like when your mom called you by your first and middle names when you got into trouble as a kid). Tessa took off on "vacation," mumbling something about needing a "break." Whatever. Here I am struggling to keep things organized and running smoothly (and trying hard to stay motivated - she's the ultimate whip cracker) and just when I was devising a plan to put a "ban" on any future little getaway ideas of hers, I open my desk drawer and find a GIANT chocolate bar with a little note from her. Not only is she the machine that powers our editorial department, she's thoughtful too (sort of ... she knows I'm on a diet!!!). Here's to looking forward to her return tomorrow; I guess I better be nice to her ( : -- shelley

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