29 September 2006

Some Call Her Mayor, Three Call Her Mom

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dallas city Mayor Laura Miller and let me just say, it was a wonderful experience. Aside from leading one of the largest metropolitan cities in the country, this former journalist-turned-politician is the devoted mom to three young children ages 11 to 16. During the course of our 45-minute conversation in a large conference room on the fifth floor of City Hall, Mayor Miller shared with me some truly interesting tidbits:
  • she once kicked a school board leader out of his office during an interview (this was in her journalism days) so she could “pump” (she breastfed each of her three children for a year)
  • she arranges her schedule so she can have dinner with her busy family every night (very few exceptions to this rule are tolerated)
  • her children recently asked her if she would consider having another baby (aww!)

Want to know more? Look for the December issue of DallasChild, where I profile this fascinating mom and reveal the one local hot spot the Mayor absolutely can’t live without, plus the REAL reason she’s not running for re-election.

much love~

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