15 September 2006

Holiday Pic Outfit Inspiration

I'm sure I'm not the only mom who is already obsessing over what my little angels are going to wear for their holiday photo (which will take place next month with the lovely and talented Ms. Jennifer - our cover photog extraordinaire). I am envisioning bright colors and breezy casual. So, when I received a sample from Happy Green Bee, I went ga ga over the sumptuous bands of burnt orange, bricky red and earthy green. The garments are super soft and made of organic cotton too! One of these outfits is a top contender for my baby (if I can match the other boys with equally gorgeous hues). Send me your ideas, moms! --shelley


1 comment:

Alex said...

I was wondering if you have looked at the new holiday dresses for girls by Biscotti? I found that have one of the most popular Biscotti Dresses back for Fall/Holiday in a sugar plum color.
Different than the traditional colors like red and black. A nice change!