22 July 2009

Add Some Punch to Your Lunch

Honestly, I hate packing my lunch. Not only does the food not taste as fresh, it’s no fun to carry it out in a sack, or even worse, a plastic bag. BO-RING.

However, after discovering these adorable lunchboxes, I may have to change my mind. Even kids will love taking these colorful carriers to school with them, especially with so many options offered.

For your wee ones, there are the Dante Beatrix lunchboxes with adorable cartoon animals on the front. And, not only are they insulated, they’re made with heavy-duty laminated canvas, making it easy to wipe clean.

Does your older child cringe at the thought of cutesy lunchboxes? No problem. Mimi the Sardine offers little tote-like lunchbugs in colorful patterns. The chic carriers are so cute, you’re going to want one too, Mom. It comes in five different patterns so everyone can pick out their own. Plus, it’s easy to wipe clean, or simply toss it in the washer.

So go green and stop spending money on lunchsacks. Find these lunchboxes, priced between $24-$34, at babybliss in Snider Plaza, Dallas, or Southlake Town Square.

—Mari Park

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Claudia said...

Cute! I want one!