23 July 2009

Bubbling for Bubble Tea

I reluctantly tried something new last night: Boba tea — a drink I had heard of but had never been adventurous enough to actually try. The thought of a tea filled with tapioca balls just never really appealed to me for some reason.

Walking into Boba Latte in Richardson felt like walking into a small coffee shop — and they did offer the typical coffee-shop fare. But, in addition to the mochas and macchiatos, the menu listed flavors of pearls (huh?) and extra jellies (like the shoe?).

I quickly learned that boba tea (also called “bubble tea” or “pearl tea”) can take several forms, but is generally a flavored black or green tea with tapioca balls (called bobas or pearls) filling the bottom of the cup. The pearls are sucked through an oversized straw along with the drink. At Boba Latte one may also order coffee, smoothies, slushes, fusion teas (flavored green tea) or milk tea (a black or green tea flavored with creamer). And, patrons may opt to add jellies to favored drinks – jellies are small squares (similar to a gummy bear) that come in flavors like coconut and mango.

I was surprisingly impressed by the boba tea, and my husband loved his mocha frappe with coffee-flavored jellies. Kids will love mixing and matching fruity flavors — what's not to like about gummy-bear like sweets at the bottom of a drink!

Try it for yourself and let us know what you (and your kids) think!

Boba Latte: 112 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson. 972/480-8889. No Web site is currently available.

—Mary Dunn

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