27 July 2009


If your home is filled with little (or not-so-little) soccer fans, you probably watched the last match of the World Football Challenge last night. Several of us on the Lauren Publications staff were fortunate enough to attend the game (Chelsea vs. Club America) at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

My husband and I parked at the Sheraton Hotel, which is about a quarter-mile walk from the stadium. Even from that distance the dome loomed in our view. All the details of the facility were impressive – as a designer, I appreciated the smart halftone (dot) pattern on the parking-lot signage, the simple water feature in front of the stadium, and the sleek light fixtures on every level of the facility. Even the restrooms (which are equipped for parents with small children as well as visitors with special needs) were fastidiously clean – the housekeeping staff was a constant presence throughout the game.

From our seats, which were in the upper deck, we still had a decent view of the field. In addition, the details of the game were displayed in crystal-clear HD on the $40-million video board suspended 90 feet above the center of the playing surface. It was great to see larger-than-life replays of important plays (especially the two goals scored by Chelsea near the end of the second half). One other favorite feature: The retractable roof (which was closed throughout the game) came in handy during the downpour that lasted through the second half.

Upcoming events at the Cowboys Stadium include Paul McCartney on Aug 19, OU vs. BYU on Sept 5, A&M vs. Arkansas on Oct 3, the U2 360 Tour on October 12, and Baylor vs. Texas Tech on Nov 28. The Cowboys’ first at-home preseason game will be Aug 21 against Tennessee. For more information about the stadium, tickets, and upcoming events visit here.

—Mary Dunn

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