21 July 2009

A "Jillion Helpful Hints" from Junie B.

The end of July is nearing, and that can only mean one thing: preparing to go back to school. Groan. No doubt it can be a headache, with plenty of last-minute arrangements and errands. But have no fear; we’ve found a resource that could actually make it fun this time around!

Grab a copy of Barbara Park’s new book, Junie B.’s Essential Survival Guide to School ($10.39 at Barnes and Noble). Chock full of fun advice in categories like “Getting Started (Stuff you need to know and buy for school” and “Getting in Trouble (Plus how to stay out of it!),” you and your kids will giggle as you read through Junie B.’s words of wisdom.

The book is spiral bound, complete with pages that look like they’re straight from a notebook, penned by Junie B. herself. Kids will delight in the silly illustrations and afterward, they can write and draw out their own ideas in spaces provided in the book. How cool is that?

The book/journal is a perfect gift for the first and second-graders in your life. Plus, it may spur them to help out (willingly!) with back to school prepping.

—Mari Park

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