30 July 2009

Functional Fashion

Does your budding fashionista quickly grow out of clothes, or insist on buying “big girl clothes” that are a tad too large? Is it difficult to find a cute, non-bulky belt to help her pants and skirts stay up?

Try the Invisibelt, a smooth, undetectable belt that lets fitted shirts and sweaters sit flat. How does it work? The belt comes with a flat clasp, eliminating any trace of buckle bulge. Plus, the adjustable strap allows for your daughter to grow into it, not out of it.

Your little diva can rock a shiny Purple Haze Invisibelt, or keep up with the latest fads and sport a Bow n’ Bones Invisibelt.

Moms, don’t feel left out. They come in four different colors for you, too! The clear belt will go with any outfit and remain hidden, or spruce up your slacks and fitted sweater with the shiny noir color.

All belts are available for purchase online and cost $16 each for girls’ belts, and $17-$19.95 for the adult belt.

–Mari Park

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