22 July 2009

Hot Headbands for Athletes of All Ages

I admit: I'm a fitness junkie. What do I spend my "disposable income" on? Pretty much anything that has to do with exercise. Most of the time, this means I carry home the newest, coolest blister-free socks or a new jellybean that will help replenish electrolytes while running (exciting, right?). Not exactly things that I rush to share with friends or readers.

Except in the case of last weekend ... I stopped by my favorite running shop RunOn! in Richardson and nearly FELL OVER when I spotted these: The Sweaty Bands, adorable ribbon-like headbands made especially for workout women!

I was even more excited to discover (after checking out their Web site) that the brand makes specialized bands for sports lovers of all sorts — and of all ages! Look here at a band made for young female soccer players. Moms, this is going to be the new hot trend on your daughter's soccer field, basketball court or track!

The bands are not only adorable (available in various ribbon widths and a wide variety of colors — they even come in metallic patterns!), the headbands will not slip or slide back ... AT ALL. The backing on these babies are velour-like, so they don't budge (yet they don't stick and tangle hair). And, the elastic band that holds the ribbon together adjusts to your head's size, meaning you won't find yourself with a headache due to the tightness of your headband.

Check the Web site for various designs, all available for $15, or head to RunOn! (with locations in McKinney, Richardson, Dallas and Coppell). You can even select custom ribbon to match your sporty girl's team colors.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE Sweaty Bands!! I got mine at Exhale Spa and they are great -- they don't slip and they look good!!

mary said...

These are the best things in the WORLD! I have a ton of them to match all my workout outfits. They stay on like nothing I have ever tried before! You really must get some i highly recommend these GREAT SWEATY BANDS! :)