17 January 2007

Mommy of the year award!

OK, true confessions.

This morning I roused the brood as normal, got myself dressed (in a rather snazzy outfit I might add since I was supposed to meet someone for a real. live. grown-up. lunch), and everyone out the door just slightly behind schedule. My sons kept asking to go out and "play in the snow." Did it dawn on me to check the TV/Internet or even my phone messages to see if the weather would trigger school closings (we're talking SNOW in Dallas people)? Nope, I resorted to my let's-power-through-this Midwestern mentality and we hit the streets. Which were a) empty and b) slippery. Still it took me half the ride to consider that maybe, just maybe, something was up. I called the school. No answer. I called another mother who gave me the news (while she tried not to snicker): no school. I had to tell the boys "just kidding - we're really not going to school today." They were jubilant. I felt defeated.

Has this ever happened to anyone else (oh, please say yes).--shelley

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