05 January 2007

Tattooed at Two?!

That’s what I thought at first, but not to worry…these are for educational purposes. Still hesitating? Let me explain. Two moms from California (one a graphic designer, the other a teacher), put their heads together and came up with Tattoos for Tots, temporary tattoos that teach tots the names of the animals on the farm or the vegetables you put on their plate (plus much more). Each tattoo has the name of the object written on it, so your little tyke can learn the word as well as the picture. Unlike the real things, these tats come with rave reviews from the parents of these inked angels.

Not the first method that comes to mind for teaching you’re kids…but hey, it’s so avant garde, it just may work!


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Leigh A. Wilcox said...

Just wanted to mention that after reading this entry, I visited the "Tattoos for Tots" website and sent them a web-note about what a great idea this is. (As a former First Grade teacher & Reading Specialist and a mother of a young boy--I was immediately interested.) The owners/creators seem to be very consumer friendly and sent me a reply within a day. They also dropped a few sample tattoos in the mail for us to have fun with before making a purchase. I was sold on this company long before they even sold us any products!

My four-year-old son has been enjoying the picture + word tattoos for a couple of weeks now, a new one on each hand every few days--actually, and loves them. Each time we put new tattoos on, he arrives at preschool eager to show his teachers and classmates.

The tattoos are high-quality: the words are easy to read; the images are clear, colorful and inviting; & they're easy to apply! When they start to fade, we take a cotton pad soaked with rubbing alcohol to them and the old disappears quickly making room for the next "tat" on my little guy's "must have" word/picture list.

Thanks for sharing this innovative product, DallasChild!

Frisco Mom & Dedicated DallasChild Reader