23 January 2007

The “Write” Resolution

OK, OK, it’s the end of January and I know we’re all bored with the whole concept of New Year’s resolutions. But, after a heart-to-heart chat with my mom the other day, I just had to share one more tidbit.

In August, I posted an entry titled “Forever Alma,” which detailed my desire to find some way to connect with my grandma (Alma) who is battling dementia (her diagnosis has since been changed to Alzheimer’s). I decided to write to her each week. I was filled with the naive notion that I could somehow reach through the dense fog that now clouds her memory and grab hold of the wonderful woman I once knew.

My idealistic notion may not have been so far after all.

My mom visited my grandparents over the holidays and out of a string of Christmas cards, my grandma pointed to one and said, “That’s from Tessa, she writes to me all the time.”

I know she doesn’t know me anymore, but somehow she knows that I write to her, that I care and that means more to me than anything else possibly could.

There is power in writing to the ones we love. Notes in our children’s lunchboxes, stickies on the bathroom mirror for our spouse, lengthy letters to long-lost friends … taking the time to jot a quick thought to say you care can bring about amazing things.

So, whom will you write to today?

much love~

P.s. I’ve already started penning notes to my unborn baby and I get teary eyed each time I read the words. My first letter is appearing in our February issue, be sure to pick one up on stands the first of next month.

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