29 January 2007

Monkey See...Monkey do

One of the many things I love about being a “creative” at the office is the fact that “creatives” are allowed to be more casual and expressive with their clothing than their client-calling ad rep and admin counterparts. This may mean jeans and a beefy-t for some, or leggings and layered tees from the likes of Splendid, Vince or James Perse for others. Occasionally I’ll feel the need to dress up a bit, but most days, I’m more than content to be in a relaxed and “creative” state of clothing.

The great thing about this type of wardrobe is that it’s mama-friendly, and not to mention COMFORTABLE. Stay-at-home moms can wear it while tracking down their tottering toddler for naptime, and working moms can wear it to basketball games and practices on the weekends. It’s a versatile alternative to track-suits and windbreakers for women of many ages and walks of life.

Little girls often look up to their mommies and want to be just like them – in everything. I’m not an advocate of mommy-daughter dressing, but these days the “big girl” designers are offering a teeny version for little ones that is more endearing than embarrassing. Splendid now has a child line available at Neiman Marcus NorthPark, with designs and styles just as cute as their big girl line. In fact, our FortWorthChild covergirl, sported a Splendid Littles long-sleeve tee with a Seven Jeans skirt on the cover of our January 07 issue.

Still comfortable and girly, these mini-versions of mama’s clothes allow girls to still be girls without the frilly dresses and ruffled socks to go under those patent leather Mary Janes. I still don’t advocate matchy-matchy dressing, but with the vast array of choices on both sides of the size chart, there’s not even a temptation.


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