11 January 2007

Wanna Be a Footballer, Shot-Caller?

Superstar David Beckham announced today that he’ll play Major League Soccer for the L.A. Galaxy for the next five years…and $250 million. This football pro was coached by his father as a child, signed something called “schoolboy forms” at 14 to play for his future pro team, and signed his first pro contract at 17. That’s a lot of pressure for a kid. The kid is 31 now, and it might still be a lot of pressure, as he’s widely thought to be past his prime. At least he still has his looks.

Starting kids early in sports is nothing too startling, but the intensity of some athletic programs is. If you’re involved in youth sports, as a parent or a coach, I want to hear from you! Are the stakes too high in youth sports? What do you look for in a coach? Who calls the shots on your children’s teams? I hope you’ll share your stories with me.

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