08 January 2007

What Month Is It Anyway? (Don't Ask Us)

Christmas was only two weeks ago, but we’re already knee-deep into writing the March issue. Although, technically we’re still fiddling with February, since it’s in the “production” phase (meaning our superstar art director Laura Oertling is holed up in her office, official pixie wand in hand, waving artistic splendor into our stories). We’re always anxious to give “birth” to our February edition since it’s all about maternity. As always, we give you a modern, fresh take on parenting: Tessa Falk goes deep into playground politics to reveal the “real” mommy wars (hint: it’s not just about working/stay-at-home turf lines). Also, we’ll unveil a provocative photo essay contrasting two very different, yet decidedly modern, modes of birthing: C-section and natural childbirth. Photographer Jennifer Weintraub lets the faces tell the stories in this rare glimpse into a very private moment. And, just for fun, you won’t want to miss Liz’s heartening 5 things to do before and after the 14th.

I’ll save March for another entry. But, suffice it to say that if your child plays sports, you’re in for a must-read.

BTW, have you read your January issue, yet? (It is January still, right?!?) Did you love the special treat of seeing North Texas Teens on the pages of DallasChild? Tell us what you think! --shelley

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