26 October 2006

A Cautionary Halloween Tale....

Our friends at the Fort Worth Public Health Department are wonderful with advice about the West Nile virus, flu vaccines, and the occasional E.coli outbreak info, but yesterday they released a list of tips for Halloween safety, and I thought I’d pass them along. These tips are what you’ll likely be seeing on the news in the coming days, but, as always, better safe than sorry!

Things to remember for your trick-or-treaters:

Wear fitted costumes and shoes (to avoid falls)
Only carry flexible costume props (no hard plastic swords, etc)
Make sure masks fit well (for visibility purposes)
Use reflective material (so ghosts remain visible after dark)
Use the buddy system (and/or a chaperone)
Cross the street safely
Check treats for evidence of tampering
Always carry a flashlight in the group

Just a few good things to keep in mind for trick-or-treaters of all ages.

Have fun out there!


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