06 October 2006

A Date with Tootsies

Every mom deserves a little glamour in her life. That’s exactly what I got yesterday. Tootsies (a store that I admit I’ve never entered) contacted me recently saying they would like to provide clothing for any upcoming photo shoots. As luck would have it, I had a photo shoot scheduled with Sugar Photography for my editor’s note/holiday pics. So, I made an appointment to meet with Amy Bertrand, the dress consultant.

I was a tad nervous as I stepped into the famed bastion of Dallas fashion. Immediately, I spied a bar (a BAR?) and quickly ascertained that it must be for the wonderfully generous husbands who accompany their wives into this carefully edited boutique (that and it comes in handy for those trunk shows/parties they host – take the one with Nicole Miller scheduled this Thursday). The service was warm and gracious and I was quickly whisked upstairs to meet Amy, who is adorable (young and clearly NOT a mom). I’m quite sure she was looking at me thinking … let’s get some Spanx on that girl. Instead, she sends me to the fitting room with dresses one size too small (which I secretly hope I can fit into but end up needing to cop to my “real” size). Let me just say this: She is an expert. Everything she selected I absolutely loved and fit me perfectly (read: hid my flaws, accentuated what’s left of my assets). They are not styles/colors I would have chosen on my own, but that’s the point. You let the experts do the work at Tootsies (or, I’m sure any fine retailer).

I ended up with several dresses for the photo shoot (including the knockout Nicole Miller number pictured above). Tootsies also has a great selection of contemporary and casual clothes, not to mention a killer shoe department. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy one of them (as long as my husband isn't reading this). Because, here’s the thing I’ve learned: Treat yourself to that one special dress. Wear it to every holiday party on your agenda - instead of alternating between a few different so-so frocks - and change out the accessories. There is no better feeling than reclaiming your (pre-baby) sex appeal and setting tongues a wag with whispers like “I can’t believe she looks like that and she’s had three kids.”

Thank you to Amy for reminding me of that.

Happy weekend (go Longhorns!). --shelley

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