04 October 2006

Yes, Lauren, There Is A Santa Claus

But, before the presents and winter wonderlands, we have Halloween, and probably my favorite holiday.

What could be more fun as a child than dressing up as a fairy princess and gorging on candy? OK, I did this last year, plus Halloween-themed cocktails. I love it all, from sheet-covered ghosts to cheesy rubber bats hanging from ceilings. I even feel a tinge of sadness when I see pumpkins massacred in the streets by carousing teenagers. That was someone’s Jack-o-lantern!

The irony is, I don’t really like to be scared. For me, I can enjoy the fall season without the horror and gore. But, for those who appreciate being terrified, there is Hangman’s House of Horrors in Fort Worth. In its 18th scary season, Hangman’s prides itself on supporting local charities. Since it’s inception, it has donated $1.3 million. How scary could that be?

This year, the House of Horrors has three sideshows, which include scary clowns (is there any other kind?) a fun house and something called “Hillbillies Revenge.” But, keeping in mind that this fear is all for good causes, including the American Cancer Society and SafeHaven of Tarrant County, it could be a frighteningly good time. As for me, I’ll be watching for Hangman’s later this month on the Discovery Channel’s Top Haunted Attractions in America. At home. With all the lights on.

Also, congrats to Tania Foster and the Dallas Is Love organization for pulling off an incredible fundraiser yesterday at Potbelly’s in Garland. I met former Dallas Cowboy Tony Hill and NBA star Ira Terrell, as well as the wonderfully warm Foster family. I hope the event was a great success, and keep up the good work!


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