03 October 2006

'Tis the Season...Already

Christmas is my favorite holiday by far, and one of the things that jumpstarts my festive mood most is opening up Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book for the first time. This morning, I got an upclose (and personal) look as Neiman Marcus unveiled it’s newest (and might I add one of the best) Christmas Books in its history. Walking around at the press preview, I was amazed not only at the companies who thought up these products (e.g., Pencil Skyscraper by the Art Guys), but even more amazed that Neimans located these fantastical concoctions. On the list of “fantasy” gifts to die for, are the Limited-Edition Pet Homes, GG Quad Four-Wheeler, the Backyard Water Park, and of course possibly the most coveted M6 BMW convertible, amongst many others. There’s always something for everyone in The Christmas Book, big, tall, short and small. They don’t call these the “fantasy gifts” for nothing!

Check out what made The Christmas Book this year online.

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