11 October 2006

Look Out...Here They Come!!!

This week we had our cover shoots for the November issues of DallasChild and FortWorthChild, and let me brag a little by saying these covers are going to be fabulous! These great snapshots submitted by their moms, caught our eyes and led us to choose them to grace our November covers. Ashton, our Dallas cover-boy performed like a pro, even though he was a little under-the-weather. You’ll see his personality (and precious attitude) radiate on the cover. Mason, our Fort Worth cover kid, was all smiles all the time, and one of the happiest (and friendliest) two-year-old boys I’ve ever encountered. His smile will light up your day, and did for all of us at the shoot. Both boys were so adorable, that Laura (our art director) and I wanted to take them home with us. Thanks to Ashton and his mom, Cheryl, and Mason and his family for being so easy and wonderful to work with! Also, a big thank you to Jennifer Weintraub, our fabulous photographer who did it again!


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