27 August 2009

Adoption Diaries

Grab a box of tissues.

WE tv’s new series, Adoption Diaries, is an emotional program that follows stories of open adoptions, which guarantees the birth mom a role in her baby’s life. With the help of Dr. Jennifer Bliss and the Independent Adoption Center, a nationwide nonprofit agency who specializes in open adoptions, the moms get to select a couple who will adopt and care for their newborn baby. Watch each birth mother and couple’s unique stories (like that of Janelle and Mimi, pictured at right), and learn more about the processes of open adoption as the families experience a roller coaster of emotions during the process.

Adoption Diaries premieres on Saturday, September 12 at 10pm ET/PT (9pm). The show will then air three half-hour programs every Saturday. For more information, visit WE tv online.

– Mari Park

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