11 August 2009

A Creative Addition to Storytime

Illustrated children’s books discovered on weekly family library visits were one of my earliest artistic influences. I loved creative illustrations then, and today is no different – which is why Bugs in a Blanket by Beatrice Alemagna immediately stuck out to me as a must-read!

The book is chock-full of fantastic illustrations (done in a mix of textiles, appliqué and collage) depicting a colony of bugs living in a blanket. Far from creepy, each bug has a cute and quirky personality all its own. When the bugs meet for the first time, they immediately notice how different they are from one another. Bugs in a Blanket teaches kids to tolerate the differences of others – and, if your kids have an artistic bent, may inspire them to create fun, collage illustrations of their own!

Bugs in a Blanket is available on the Phaidon Press Web site.

—Mary Dunn

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