03 August 2009

Sweet Weekend

My fantastic co-workers, knowing my unbelievable sweet tooth, got me the amazing new Martha Stewart Cupcakes book. It is chock full of delicious recipes that are (surprisingly) not overly difficult to create! My girls and I decided to try our hand at the Yellow Buttermilk Cupcakes and fluffy white buttercream frosting. We had so much fun — especially with the sprinkle decorating — but it is a bit difficult seeing that the frosting alone has three STICKS of butter and a POUND of sugar. (When I buy cupcakes at my beloved Celebrity Bakery, I don't have to know and literally see what's going into them - for all I know, they could be diet cupcakes.) Check out my girls at work, and if you're hankering for your own sweet treats, check out Martha's new book!

— Claudia King

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