17 August 2009

Little Walker!

Last weekend, I spent lots of time with my favorite (almost) 1-year-old, Marley. The last time I visited Little Miss Marley she was 6 months old. SIX months old! And now she's turning one in less than a month. How time flies.

Our visit was filled with lots of Cheerios, peek-a-boo laughter and TONS of trips around the living room. Let me explain: Marley is on the brink of walking. She constantly wants to "walk" around the room with some assistance (from her stroller, shown in the photo) or from an adult. It was a riot to take turns walking her around — but after awhile I can see why my friend Ann is anxious for her daughter to walk. (Ahem, backache?)

But, Marley has plans of her own ... she'll walk when she wants to! In the meantime, what tips might you share to help Ann boost Marley's walking confidence? And, what are some similar stories you have about your tot learning to walk?


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