04 August 2009

Striding with Strollers

Last weekend, I had a good laugh when listening to friends (who are married with two beautiful girls) discuss their workouts: "It's not fair; she gets resistance training by pushing the jogging stroller [while running]. When we go for a jog together, she just takes off. I can hardly keep up with her," says my friend's hubby.

My runner friends do most of their training separately, due to their opposite work schedules, but when they DO get to join each other on the trail ... watch out! They will competitively race to the finish.

But, her husband was right about something: Running with a baby jogger or stroller does provide a much more intense workout without compromising a runner's form, according to a 2008 study conducted by researchers at Texas A&M University. The report states that five men and five women ran for 30 minutes at "race pace" both with a stroller and then without. Overall, there was no difference in stride length and overall running gait when jogging with the stroller; however, the results state that the stroller provided a much more intense workout than running stroller-free.

Are you in the market for a jogging stroller (or a group of local moms to workout with)? Check out See Mommy Run, a national organization that provides a listing of all Texas running groups (just for women!) and a discussion forum with lots of comments on all jogging stroller makes and models.


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