03 August 2009

Fun Back-to-School Gear

Make back-to-school prep more interesting this year with supplies from the Nasher Sculpture Center Store. Known for unique items and interesting designs, these accessories are sure to brighten up your student’s gear and pique their interest.

One of the featured items is this pocket box, which sells for $15. The box is made of metal, so all different keepsakes, such as house keys, will be safe inside. It comes with a pocket (for the box), hook, and loop fastener that snaps, making it easy to attach to any backpack.

My favorite is an adorable, green bicycle bell splashed with bright pink and yellow flowers ($20). Not only is it cute, it makes the good old ringing noise I remember from my childhood.

Find these and more fun goodies at your closest Nasher Sculpture Center Store. There are two locations, one inside the Nasher Sculpture Center in Downtown Dallas, and one inside NorthPark Center, across from Barney’s.

—Mari Park

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