05 August 2009

Measure Up

As a child, measuring my height to see how much I’d grown was always exciting. I’d constantly compare the lines etched into my doorframe and loved to add a new notch, even if it was only a half-inch difference.

Now, there’s a cooler way to measure your child’s height: Use the Lil’ Sprout growth chart by PA Design. The clear measuring chart is marked in inches and has little photo slots lining the side, which can be filled with pictures of your child, chronicling her growth.

What a fun keepsake this can be, and a cute, decorative addition to any playroom or bedroom.

The chart is available online for $20 or find it at Iota in Dallas (214/522-2999) or Speranza Design Gallery in Plano (469/366-0101).

— Mari Park

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