12 August 2009

Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

School is coming up, and that means one more stressful thing for parents: helping with your child’s homework. Sure, with the younger ones, it can be a breeze. But helping your fifth or sixth grader? It can leave you baffled and scratching your head.

Avoid that humiliation and impress your kids with help from Homework for Grown-ups: Everything You Learned at School and Promptly Forgot, by E. Foley and B. Coates. It covers 10 different school topics, including geography and even recess. Brush up on your understanding of noun-verb agreement and mathematics, or learn more about Greek Philosophy and religions. The lessons are light and easy to read, and tests at the end of each chapter ensure you retain your (somewhat) newfound knowledge.

This is sure to be a book you’ll keep handy at all times. Get your copy of Homework for Grown-ups at Barnes & Noble for $15.99.

— Mari Park

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Claudia said...

Ha! Loves it!