19 August 2009

ZillaMail Me, Please!

E-mail has replaced snail mail as a main means for communication. No doubt your kids have been begging to get their own addresses to chat with friends (and send mail to grandma and grandpa, of course!), but with the Internet, it’s hard to take all the precautions necessary.

Get a safe e-mail service for your kids through ZillaMail. Parents can set up the free account and create a password-protected contact list in the child’s address book. Then, kids can only receive e-mail from buddies on the list, guaranteeing no spam. Want to keep an eye on their messages? Parents can also opt to be copied on all outgoing messages.

Not only that, but the ZillaDog homepage has other fun features kids can enjoy – all their favorite games, movie trailers, and music (that are age-appropriate) are available, minus annoying pop-ups.

Check out this free service and get more information here.

– Mari Park

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